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Rai walay Aloo(Masala spiced Baby Potatoes)

This potato dish is close to my heart. Growing up, this was our family favorite lunch dish. So many memories attached to it. My mother made these potatoes every other week because we loved munching on these perfectly spiced potatoes with warm roti(flat Indian bread).

It feels like this was just a few years ago. A girl who loved eating her mother’s food has her own family to feed now. How did the time fly by? I feel honored to cook my mother’s dishes and introduce it to my kids and with you.

I have always said, there is something magical about a mother’s food. I hope you experienced that in your life. If you haven’t had that opportunity to do so, then start with my mother’s recipe to feel the warmth and love that comes from my mother’s food.

I have tried cooking this recipe thousands of times throughout my life and it never seems to disappoint me. My husband and his family aren’t Indian so I tend to experiment a lot with different substitutions for red chili powder. I have tried many different Paprikas to substitute for red chili powder and I find Hungarian Sweet Paprika to be the best substitute to Kashmiri chili powder for a less spicy version.

So, If you find that chili powder isn’t for you then try using red Hungarian sweet paprika. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comment box.

Thank you for stopping by and reading โค๏ธ!

By @summikitchen20


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