About Author

My Cooking Journey

Hi there! My name is Safiya. I am an Indian-American born and raised in a small town in India. I live with my husband and kids in Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah is my second home.

I like to say I grew up in the kitchen back in India. Whether if it was a regular day or a celebration, I was always a sous chef in the kitchen for the women of my family. I cooked my first meal with my older brother when I was in 4th grade. Therefore, cooking is beyond a passion or hobby for me. I have created memories in the kitchen with my beautiful mother, my loved ones, my friends, and my neighbors that I will always cherish.

My Cooking Style

I like to incorporate a lot of vegetables and very little meat in my cooking. I love to work with fresh ingredients and create recipes using fresh herbs and spices. Growing up, vegetarian meals were a big part of my life. My mother cooked meat only on Fridays and the rest of the days of the week we had vegetarian meals. I love recreating the dishes my grandmother, mother, and the women of my family used to cook back home.

Food Photography

I have recently developed a passion for food photography, food styling, and creating cooking videos. I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of this new hobby. I love how can play around with different food to create beautiful still object photography.

Thank you for reading about me to get to know me a little. Subscribe to my post updates If I sound like a person you would like to hang out with :). Also, I have fun accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok with the same name “feastwithsafiya”. Hope you join me there as well.