Fluffiest IP Mutter Pulao

Mutter Pulao, a dish widely made all around South Asia. Indian Mutter Pualao is cooked with Basmati rice and green peas with whole spices and served with an Indian curry.

I grew up in the small town of Gujarat, India where ‘Mutter Masala Bhaat’ is a part of the weekly menu of the majority of Gujarati house holds along with Gujarati Sweet Kadhi.

How is Mutter Bhaat different than Mutter Pulao?

Traditional Indian Mutter Pulao calls for whole spices and fresh herbs mostly. However, Gujarati Mutter Masala Bhaat is cooked with mostly ground Indian spices and mostly made with regular rice rather than Basmati. Though both of these dishes have different components, their main ingredients Rice and Mutter stays the same.

Mutter Pulao served in weddings in the villages of Gujarat, India.

Gujaratis can’t twist their tongue and call any rice dish anything other than ‘Bhaat’ or ‘Khichdi’. ‘Bhaat’ translates to cooked rice and ‘Khichdi’ is rice cooked with lentils. Pulao just doesn’t seem to fit our tongues for some reason.

Okay, back to my story of Mutter Pulao being served in weddings in villages and small towns of Gujarat. Mutter Bhaat, opps! sorry, I mean Mutter Pulao to Gujaratis is somewhat of a royal version of plain rice. The majority of weddings would either have Sweet Kadhi or Daal as a main course. Whenever there is a Sweet Gujarati Kadhi in the wedding menu, you ought to see Mutter Bhaat to go with it. So growing up in a small town during the summer time and during wedding season, I got to eat Mutter Bhaat with Sweet Gujarati Kadhi quite often.

My mother mostly made unsweetened kadhi with khichdi and crispy masala potatoes. So whenever I craved for that wedding Mutter Pulao or Sweet Gujarati Kadhi, I would make it for myself since my elementary school years 🤪.

Why IP version of Mutter Pulao?

when you get married and start your own family, you look for easy fix recipes. I don’t know about you, but I definitely look for easy fix recipes. Besides, Mutter pulao is an easy dish that can be whipped up in a pressure cooker in no time. Instantpot has become my life saver. I owe a thank you note to whoever Invented this gadget. My kitchen runs on IP lol.

My IP mutter pulao recipe can be fixed in less than 15 minutes with just a handful of ingredients. The fluffiest and delicious pea pulao cooked in no time. Can’t beat that 🥰!

I like to serve Mutter Pulao with Gujarati Kadhi and my mother’s crispy potato chips. Find the recipes for Gujarati Kadhi and my mother’s potato chips to pair with Mutter Pulao.

You won’t be disappointed if you try it. Leave a comment or message me if you have any questions.

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