Saffron-Cardamom infused Orange Compote

What is a compote? I like to say Compote is basically a simple combination of fructose and sucrose cooked until thick and saucy. Though fruit compote is known to be great for dessert toppings, I love using them as breakfast toppings. I have always found regular compote very sweet for my taste. That is why, instead of cooking my fruit compote with sugar, I like to keep it simple and healthy by substituting it with honey. I have also cooked this recipe with coconut cane sugar. I like the mild and natural flavors of coconut cane sugar over regular sugar. It reminds me of the Jaggery I grew up eating in India.

Compote is not thick like jams or can’t be preserved for a longer period like it. It is best to consume the compote within a week or two. Besides, this recipe is so delicious that I highly doubt if it will make it to the next day lol. So, I thought I would still let you know that compote is not supposed to be preserved.

I have used two of my absolute favorite spices Saffron and Cardamom for this compote recipe. The color and fragrance of these two spices infused in freshly squeezed orange juice are beyond amazing. I can’t tell you how sweet my house smelled while developing this recipe. The sweetness coming from freshly ground cardamom and that beautiful yellowish-orange color getting infused from the saffron into the orange juice is phenomenal.

Makeahead– compote can be a great make-ahead topping for breakfast or dessert if you aim to use it within a week.

Can I substitute the ingredients? A big ‘No’. If you don’t have cardamom or saffron then look into investing in them. You won’t regret it. You can create many wonderful recipes using these two fragrance-loaded spices. Also, this recipe is created and tested using the ingredients listed, if you substitute, I can’t guarantee you that it would taste good.

I suggest doubling the recipe if you love Saffron, Cardamom, and Oranges 😋. Many different ways to use this flavorful compote.

Saffron-Cardamom Orange Compote



  1. Heat orange juice, water, and sugar in a medium saucepan on low-medium heat.
  2. Add saffron threads while the sauce is heating. Continue to cook on low-medium heat until the sauce thickens.
  3. The sauce should be cooked until it is reduced to half of the liquid quantity we took for cooking. Turn off the heat and take the pan off of the stove.
  4. Fold orange zest and ground cardamom into the sauce and set it aside for 5 to 10 minutes to let the flavors infuse.
  5. Gently fold the orange wedges and enjoy over Porridge, crepes, pancakes, yogurt, and more.


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